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Property Managing in Macon, Warner Robins

Professional Landlording for Professional Homeowners in Macon, Warner Robins.

As a new found way of generating income. Home owners started buying extra houses to rent. Landlording residential houses became very popular in the 60’ and 70’s. Those elite few that became full time landlords are now ready to go fishing and have some fun, BUT they can’t. Being a landlord means, in some case, property managing every day and even on the weekends. A landlord does not have a chance to get away for very long periods of time. Property Management (and tenants) require constent attention. If a landlord has more than 30-40 doors to maintain, forget about taking  ten day cruise or going on a three week excursion to Alaska. Some bad things can go wrong if a property manager is gone too long.

Many landlords in Warner Robins and Kathleen areas have decided to manage their own properties for the same reason we have decided to manage our own rentals properties in Perry, Warner Robins and Hawkinsville. No one takes care of your properties like you do. Our personal experience with third party property managers have left us talking to lawyers about our options; so we know (first hand) what can happen if you pick an inexperienced person to be your rental manager. Many realtors will add property managing to their list of “services”, thinking they can add some easy revenue to their bottom line. They soon learn that they can’t sell enough houses because they are too busy managing properties. The realtor decides to cut corners on the property managing side to increase house sales. As a result, the one that suffers is the landlord… YOU. The agent does not care, you signed contract that says they are not liable. That’s where we shine.Kathleen rental house

Another option is to sell the properties and take the cash.

It is hard to sell a tenant-occupied house. Of course an investor will be glad to make an offer, but, of course they won’t offer nearly enough. Once the houses do sell and the taxes are paid, that money has to last thru your retirement years. What if the medical bills of your senior years eat up the money too fast. That’s more risky than property management.

IN COMES The Real Estate Problem Solver. Through fifteen (15) years of being in the trenches with our own properties in Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Kathleen and Hawkinsville, We have spent hundreds of hours of formal (and informal) education, we have adopted and new system of managing rental properties that Landlords around Middle Georgia are raving about.

“What’s the difference? You’re just another agent….. Right?” WRONG, we will do some things agents will never do, like:

We will take on some of the liability for you. This means if we do something stupid, it falls on us. Try getting an agent to do that.evict tenant rental house

Normal Property Managers offer a cookie Cutter service of managing rental properties. We customize our services to fit your needs. We can just collect rents or we can do all maintenance, pay bills and screen/evict tenants.

AND BEST OF ALL, your tax liability won’t go up when we manage your properties for you like they will with a third party agent.

“How is that possible?”. Contact us and find out.

There are dozens of fun, landlord related, events we go to in the Georgia and Florida areas. We meet lots of landlords at these events that are using the same system for their rental houses. That is why they have time to go to these events. Call us and find out more about our way of property management. We will make sure all your questions are answered before you partner with us. Your final question will be, “where do I sign?”.

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    If you had not helped me, i would still be renting. My credit is terrible but I’m glad you helped me get a house of my own. Thanks


    I want to thank you, Chris, For your help. You got me out of foreclosure and now I can get my credit fixed without worrying about another mark on it. You were so helpful, I didn’t have to do a thing. Just wanted you to know that. Thanks again.



    ” I am so glad I found you when I did. My house in Perry would not sell and I was transferring to Tennessee the next day. If you hadn’t bought the house, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.”


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